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 The Sep 06 VHF Contest
  - Added 1296 MHz!

 The Aug 06 UHF Contest
  - We WON the West Gulf Division!

 The Jun 06 VHF Contest
  - Added 902 MHz!

 The Jan 06 VHF Contest
  - Our first experience

Winlink 2000 and Airmail - email through your radio...

Lately we've been looking at Winlink and what it takes to setup and use.

I've put together a document for installing the necessary software. If you need more information, www.winlink.org is a great resource.

You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these files. You can download it here.

Paclink HOWTO.

I found another great resource. This one is Installation And Setup For Winlink Airmail by By Lewis Thompson, W5IFQ.

Airmail HOWTO.

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