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This is a 'running list' of terms that I will add to as I come across a term that should be known. I am sure, no matter how hard I try, that I will forget to include terms in this glossary. Please forgive me. If you see something that is blatantly missing, email me the term and definition.

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A . - Alpha Back to Top

Amplitude modulation. A means of adding voice or data to a radio frequency transmission by varying the amplitude of the carrier frequency. Broadcast stations in the "AM" band on a car radio use this modulation technique. AM is susceptible to static from electrical sources such as atmospheric noise, thunderstorms and electrical appliances.
Automatic Position Reporting System. Connecting a GPS unit to a radio, then having the radio "beacon" at regular intervals allows others to know the radio's position. There are many great resources available on the web. Start Here

B - . . . Bravo Back to Top

C - . - . Charlie Back to Top

Certificate of Successful Completion of Examination. The CSCE states what elements you passed at this exam session. CSCEs are valid for 365 days from the date of issuance.
Morse Code. Invented for telegraphy and still used in amateur radio, uses a binary (two-state) digital code similar to the code used by modern computers.

D - . . Delta Back to Top

E . Echo Back to Top

An experienced, more knowledgeable (and wiser?) Amateur Radio Operator who often mentors the new guy.

F . . - . Foxtrot Back to Top

Frequency Modulation. A method of modulation, where the strength of the signal is constant, but the frequency varies with the strength of the voice, and the rate of change varies with the frequency of the voice. Broadcast stations in the "FM" band on a car radio use this modulation technique.

G - - . Golf Back to Top

H . . . . Hotel Back to Top

High Frequency. Radio frequencies in the band from 3 to 30 MHz.

I . . India Back to Top

J . - - - Juliet Back to Top

K - . - Kilo Back to Top

L . - . . Lima Back to Top

M - - Mike Back to Top

N - . November Back to Top

O - - - Oscar Back to Top

P . - - . Papa Back to Top

Phase-Shift Keying. A method of digital communication in which the phase of a transmitted signal is varied to convey information. There are several varieties of PSK.

Q - - . - Quebec Back to Top

Q Codes
The Q-code is a list of signals abbreviating a detailed question or answer. The code, as agreed upon by the International Telecommunication Union, is used worldwide on radiotelegraph. Ralph Kloth (DL4TA) has a great reference of the Q Codes and their meaning on his website.
QSL Card
QSL Means 'Can you acknowledge receipt? / I am acknowledging receipt.' A QSL Card is a postcard sized card used to confirm a radio conversation that you have been a part of. These cards are often exchanged between hams. With the growth of the Internet, some hams prefer to send eQSL cards through the www.eqsl.cc website. Click Here to view my QSL Card

R . - . Romeo Back to Top

S . . . Sierra Back to Top

T - Tango Back to Top

Terminal Node Controller. A terminal node controller (TNC) is a device used by amateur radio operators to participate in AX.25 packet radio networks. This device converts data into audio signals much like a modem.

U . . - Uniform Back to Top

V . . . - Victor Back to Top

Volunteer Examiner. Volunteer Examiners (VEs) are General or Amateur Extra Class radio operators who volunteer their time and talent to prepare and administer amateur radio operator license examinations.

W . - - Whiskey Back to Top

X - . . - X-Ray Back to Top

Y - . - - Yankee Back to Top

Z - - . . Zulu Back to Top

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