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 The Sep 06 VHF Contest
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  - We WON the West Gulf Division!

 The Jun 06 VHF Contest
  - Added 902 MHz!

 The Jan 06 VHF Contest
  - Our first experience

Winlink 2000 and Airmail - email through your radio...

Proceed with this section only if you have read the book Now You're Talking!

First and foremost, NEVER BE ASHAMED TO ASK QUESTIONS. Talk to a ham, submit a question on arrl.org, qrz.com, or eham.net. Most people will be happy to help you, they were in your shoes at one time.

The Question Pool for each Exam Element is available directly from the ARRL. You can download Element 2. Study the questions and answers. When you are ready to take a practice exam you can take one online, or download many different software titles. I used www.qrz.com and practiced a few times each night with studying as my bedtime reading.

When I was passing the test with a 90 or better, I felt confident that I could pass the test given by the VE's.

Contact your local club, another ham, or the ARRL Website to find a testing location nearest you. The cost is $14 per exam. If you don't pass the first time, you may be able to retest (You will have to pay an additional $14). Correct change is appreciated!

Once you pass your test, check the FCC's website to get your callsign. Remember you can't get on the air until you have a callsign.

OK, I've passed my Technician Exam... What can I do?

You can operate any mode on any amateur frequency above 50 MHz.

Probably the most common operating mode for the new Tech is 2 Meter FM.

Many hams would recommend against buying an HT (Handheld Transmitter or Handy Talkie) as your first radio. I shopped around and picked up a used Icom IC-2100H for a good deal. Here's a word of caution -> ebay.com may not be the best place to buy a used radio. I got burned on my second radio that I purchased from ebay. Probably my fault, the guy who sold me the radio was not a ham, but thought the radio worked OK. Many times you will see radios that are sold as part of an estate auction. All I can say is BUYER BEWARE. You are more likely to get a good used radio at a swap meet or online at www.qrz.com or www.eham.net

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