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 The Sep 06 VHF Contest
  - Added 1296 MHz!

 The Aug 06 UHF Contest
  - We WON the West Gulf Division!

 The Jun 06 VHF Contest
  - Added 902 MHz!

 The Jan 06 VHF Contest
  - Our first experience

Winlink 2000 and Airmail - email through your radio...

Oh Yeah! We now have 902 MHz! We are using a Down East Microwave 902 MHz Transverter. DEM (part number 902-28CK) to get 902 MHz from a 28.000 MHz (10 Meter) radio. We are attaching this to a Directive Systems 11 element 902 MHz Loop Yagi. I've heard a lot about the loop yagi's from Directive Systems. I'm looking forward to trying this setup.

We are looking at running the same route that we did in January. I'll post more when we finish the contest.

We had a great trip!
If you haven't worked on 902 MHz yet, you need to ry it out. We were only using 10 watts and spoke on SSB from EM45 to EM31. Best of all, it sounded amazingly clear.

This time we had enough sense to come up with a mount for the Icom 706 mkIIg. You can see it here mounted to a piece of 1/8 in. aluminum that we had left over from a project at work. the 2 port switch is attached to the VHF/UHF out on the 706, the 4 port is attached to the HF/6m out. As I have said befor , we are using transverters for 222 and 902.
You can see on the top of the radio I am using the Palm Paddles sold by Morsex. These little paddles are amazing. I purchased the magnetic base option, and can let the paddle rest anywhere and just bring it over to my leg with a piece of metal (like an altoids tin or the back of a clipboard) and key away.

You know sometimes I could kick myself. I just realized that I didn't take any pictures while we were stopped. We found another amazing spot in EM44 to transmit from. I wish I would have been thoughtful enough to take some pictures. Oh well, we were working pileups on 6m, so you'll have to forgive me.

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